The National Theatre, Torshov Theatre, Oslo,  15. January – 15. April, 2009

The performance was based on interviews and observations made from closed concerts in private homes. The performance text was a reconstruction of a series of these situations. The invited musician was the talented flautist Ingeborg Christoffersen. When she wasn't playing, the audience were given an insight into the host-family’s life; what ought to be seen as perverse and why it isn't so dangerous to suffer a little. The party consisted of different people with a common interest for that which is beautiful as well as a tacit agreement that one shouldn't be disturbed.

Participants: Actors from the National Theatre, a musician and a child, the audience.

Duration: 90 minutes.



Direction andmanuscript: Toril Goksøyr og Camilla Martens
Set design and costumes: Olav Myrtvedt
Consultant: Trude Marstein
Lighting design: Ingeborg S Olerud
Dramaturge: Oda Radoor

Cast: Ågot Sendstad, Ingeborg Christophersen, Rolf Arly Lund, Per Frisch, Christian Greger Strøm, Liv Bernhoft Osa, Birgitte Larsen, Emil Johnsen, Arben Bala, Fitim Sebmani, Joacob Sejerstad Bøttger, Stein Edward Løvold Gaukstad, Erik Hivju, Håkon Ramstad


Foto: Gisle Bjørneby